MyStatsOnline is a web-based Stats Manager. Absolutely no software download is needed. Everything is done via our web site. To access your league stats, we will provide you with a free URL such as:

When you create an account on MyStatsOnline, you get a username and password to manage your league via our web site. This is what we call the League Manager access. This access allows you to:

  • Create your teams.
  • Create your players with complete information such as jersey number, position, birth date, height, weight, etc.
  • Upload a picture for all of your players to enhance their personnal player's card.
  • Create your season and your series schedules.
  • Submit easily and quickly your game summary, your player's stats, and type a game recap if desired.
  • Provide your players, coaches, medias, friends, and any other visitors with up-to-date reports about your league.
  • You can optionally create logins for each of your Teams. Your Teams will then be able to submit their own stats. This is what we call the Team Manager access.
  • Create web pages to display usefull information about your league to your visitors.
  • Set your Preferences (choose which stats columns you want to display or not to your visitors)

Submitting a game to MyStatsOnline takes about five minutes, including both teams lineups, game summary, and complete player's stats. You will then automatically update many different reports for your visitors, such as:

  • Standings.
  • Schedule & Scores.
  • Game Stats (lineups, game summary, complete player's stats, game recap).
  • Sortable player's stats.
  • Team Stats.
  • Player's Card including stats by season and career stats.
  • Game by Game player's stats for all players.
  • Leaders (Players) for every stats supported by your league.
  • Leaders (Teams) for every stats supported by your league.

With, you also get many other advantages, such as:

  • Storing your league statistics history on a secure place. Get rid of paper!
  • Get career player stats once you have more than one season entered in our database!
  • Improve your league prestige! All your players, staff and others will enjoy!
  • Impressive, friendly and quick technical support!
  • A world-class web-based stats manager!

We provide two different solutions to display your league data to your visitors:

  • If you already own a web site for your league, you can easily integrate MyStatsOnline stats pages into your web site using frames or popup.
  • If you don't own a web site, just use the free URL that we provide to you, such as :

Our team has been handling very important data on the web since 2001. We are professional database designers and programmers, and we’re also huge sports fans.


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