LIVE Tool!

MyStatsOnline is a proud partner of iScore!

iScore Baseball is the easiest and most intuitive way to track a baseball (or softball) game using your iOS or Android device, LIVE during the game.

iScore will automatically transfer all of your game data on MyStatsOnline!
Please note that the use of iScore is fully OPTIONAL. MyStatsOnline is already providing you with a free web interface to submit all of your game stats. iScore is a great way to submit your stats to MyStatsOnline in REAL TIME.

iScore instructions :

1. Go to the iScore web site :

2. Purchase and download the application on your device.

3. Launch iScore, go to Game Manager, click on Add, click on Discover Game, then choose MyStatsOnline from the partner list.

4. Supply your iScore device with the username and password that you created in your MyStatsOnline League Manager account (from the iScore section). If you don't have a MyStatsOnline League Manager account, create one for FREE from the Join for FREE section.

5. Once you are logged in, choose the game that you would like to submit. Your teams rosters will be automatically downloaded from your MyStatsOnline data.

6. Follow on-screen instructions to submit your game data Live to MyStatsOnline. At the end of the game, use the EXPORT button into iScore to send your game data to MyStatsOnline. Enjoy!


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