Players, this amazing feature is for you!
Be the first to receive information about your league via SMS, wherever you are!
Isn't a big league feature? We think so.


Is your league using MyStatsOnline?

If yes, we will automatically send stats updates and game results via SMS to all your players/league fans subscribed to this service, as soon as stats are sent to our system.

And there is more: every game day in the morning, we also send Game Reminders SMS, this way you know against which team you will play, where, and when, without having to consult your schedule!

SMS #1: Game Results as soon as a game is submitted to MyStatsOnline.
MyStatsOnline - Game Completed -> 2/24/2012 7:00pm
Wings 3 goals (21 shots) VS Habs 4 goals (25 shots)
SMS #2: Personnal stats update after each game.
MyStatsOnline - Personnal Field Player Stats Update -> GP 4 | G 3 | A 2 | PTS 8

MyStatsOnline - Personnal Goalie Stats Update -> GP 4 | W 3 | L 1 | GAA 2.68 | SV% .921
SMS #3: Game Reminders are sent every game day, no need anymore to watch your schedule.
MyStatsOnline - Game Reminder -> 6/23/2009 at 7:00pm | Location : Arena #2 | Wings VS Habs


The cost is only USD$7 and the subscription is valid for one year.

Please note that the SMS sent by MyStatsOnline are NOT Premium Messages that cost a lot of money on your cell phone bills. They are STANDARDS text messages just like if you would be receiving text messages from one of your own contact.
Please enter your 10 digits cell phone number to receive your password via SMS.

This feature is available to United States and Canada phone numbers only.



Before viewing your SMS account settings, you need to login using your 10 digits cell phone number and your 5 digits password.

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