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27.2.2020 19:10 : Alex Kurek

27.2.2020 19:08 : Alex Kurek

hey boys dont know if its too late, but if anyone needs a sub I would be stoked to help a team out. I am a rusty B-intermediate player for those who do not know me who hasnt played in about a year.
13.11.2019 20:32 : Matt McDonald

Who do I need to contact to get on the sub list or get on with a team? I am an Intermediate/C Player so please contact me if you need a sub or full-timer. Thanks. Call or Text 208-960-4622
7.11.2019 1:42 : Patrick Donoghue

New to Idaho and looking to sub or play full time for any league. Cell is 312-203-1778
9.8.2019 13:41 : Alex D

New to the Idaho hockey scene, available for sub or full time any league. Not sure who I can contact for openings. #908 447 6473
5.8.2019 13:57 : Paul Morgan

OK, I would like to start a C level team in this league this winter 2019/2020. Who can I call? Thanks, Paul 208 921 0804
7.1.2019 17:14 : Dan Brock

Also looking for a team for next season in this league. C league.
7.1.2019 17:13 : Dan Brock

Would love to get more ice time. If you need a sub let me know! 989-397-0348. Leave a message.
24.10.2018 12:31 : Tim Lynch

New to the area, if anyone needs a sub, or full-timer let me know. 203-561-8685
20.8.2018 11:57 : Chuck Edwards

If any team is looking for a goalie this year - contact me. I have played with Republic Storage and Kodiac B in years past. you can reach me at ... Chuck
9.8.2018 11:14 : Olivander Teatfeat

I am interested in joining the league, but there is no contact name or information listed anywhere on the TVA website.
7.8.2018 21:58 : Toyo Vongsamath

I am looking forward to skating this fall/winter. My number is (907) 301-1078
10.2.2018 21:17 : Steve Mullins

I am new to the area and am wondering who I contact to join the league?
23.8.2017 3:10 :

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