Free features

Everything needed to fully manage and share the stats of your league, FREE!

Your own web site - League URL (mystatsonline.com/yourLeague) FREE
Possibility to integrate MyStatsOnline pages into your own web site FREE
Stats preferences - choose which stats columns you wish to display/hide FREE
Teams management FREE
Players management FREE
Fields management FREE
Create additional League Managers account FREE
Possibility to create Team Managers account FREE
Private Notes for League Managers FREE
Automated Standings FREE
Automated Schedule & Scores FREE
Automated Players Stats FREE
Automated Players Leaders FREE
Automated Teams Leaders FREE
Automated Players Cards FREE
Automated Player Game by Game History FREE
SMS support for your players - Game Reminders FREE
SMS support for your players - Game Results FREE
SMS support for your players - Players Stats Updates FREE


Optional features

A few optional features that you may activate for your league at very minimal cost.
If you are interested by these options, you will be able to activate them from your League Manager access once your league will be created.

1 year
Prestige Bundle

Save HUGE and give some prestige to your league by activating ALL OF THE FOLLOWING FEATURES at a great discounted price!

Remove Ads    Logos / Pictures    Web Pages
Email    Import from file (250)
Purchasing the PRESTIGE BUNDLE will add 365 days to each features separately. For example, if you already purchased the Email feature, we will add 365 days to its current expiry date.
The Import from file feature doesn't have an expiration date, you get 250 import tokens with the PRESTIGE BUNDLE.

$99 USD
Remove Ads

Instantly remove the Ads that are displayed in ALL of your MyStatsOnline web pages :

Home page, Standings

Schedule & Scores

Statistics, Leaders

Any other page

$79 USD
Logos / Pictures

Enable the possibility to upload & display :

Your league logo
replace the MyStatsOnline logo located on the upper left corner of your pages

Logos for your teams
enhance your standings, schedule, stats reports, etc.

Pictures for your players
enhance your players cards, stats reports, etc.

$29 USD
Web Pages

Enable the possibility to create & display :

Web pages for your visitors
Create pages containing useful information such as the rules of your league, administration contact, etc.

Use our friendly web page editor
You will be able to upload images and insert them into your web pages.

$15 USD

Enable the possibility to easily send emails to :

Your players

Your coaches

Your referees

The EMAIL section of your League Manager access will be unlocked.

$15 USD
Import from file

Mass import easily from an Excel file :

Your players

Your teams

Your schedules

Save huge time!
To mass import data to our system, import tokens are required. 1 import token is required to import 1 record of any type. For example, with 1000 import tokens, you could import 200 players + 100 teams + 700 games. Yours to choose!
Import tokens have no expiration date.

250 Tokens
$19 USD

1000 Tokens
$38 USD


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