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Softball Quebec

Softball Quebec is non profit organization that has around 30 000 members everywhere in Quebec. These members are split between 3 disciplines of softball; fastpitch (complete rotation of the pitcher's arm), slo-pitch (no official catcher and the throw must be between 6-12 feets) and orthodox (with a catcher and sometimes, pitcher may have limitations in their speed).

Softball Quebec's head office is located in Montreal at Regroupement Loisir Quebec (Olympic Stadium) where the full time employees are working and making sure all services are provided accordingly to our members.

On top of the employees, Softball Quebec is very lucky to have hundreds of devoted volunteers to run many programs such has the Excellence one, the Competitions, the Umpires, Development, etc. A similar amount of volunteers is also engaged in the regions to make the link with the provincial staff.

Softball is a very popular sport in the world. Around 100 000 players practice the sport in Quebec. Close to 130 countries are members of the International Softball Federation. Softball Quebec is the only and official representative in Softball Canada's organization, since it's creation in 1970.


Since 1953 the game of Wiffle® ball has sprinkled the lives of millions of people young and old with the perfect balance of old fashioned fun and ultimate competition. Whether at a family picnic OR national title game, life seemingly hangs in the balance with every pitch. It is the classic battle between pitcher and hitter and for all the glory, whether before the eyes of many or even when nobody is watching.

Golden Stick Wiffle® ball League has harnessed this dynamic and done with the game what only the most foolish dreamed possible. Hence, our slogan, “A Backyard Game Taken Way Too Far...”

Starting in Danvers, MA in 2002, GSWL has become the premier Wiffle® ball league in the world. In 2013, events will be held in multiple regions across the U.S. most heavily focused in the Northeast. Teams have the option to participate in our Fast Pitch League and/or speed restricted Yard League. Many do both! Each will hold regular season play leading to the region's playoffs. Battle among over 60 teams from East to West and find yourself at the "OPEN" playing for the National Championship, thousands of dollars, and ultimate glory. Sitting atop a game historically engrained in the lives of so many people, only at Golden Stick can they seek a national championship in our favorite backyard game.


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