Welcome to PHL Winter 2022-2023 Season.

Games start this friday Oct 7 @ 9pm. Season schedule has been posted. 


  1. Bring your own individual water bottles.  No team sets will be supplied nor are they encouraged.
  2. There are no team locker rooms.  There is one common dressing room and it's not large.
  3. Helmets and gloves are required.  Visors/cages and ball hockey shin pads are recommended.  We don't want injuries.
  4. Games will be run time only; no clock stoppages and the general play clock will be:
    • Warm up - 2 min
    • First half - 24 min
    • Half time - 2 min
    • Second half - 22 min
    • OT - 5 min
    • Sudden death shootout; only 1 shooter per side is guaranteed, so the first team to miss after opponent scores loses the game.
  5. Game format will be 4 v 4 plus goalie.  OT will be 3 v 3 plus goalie.
  6. Penalties will be called like normal, resulting in 4 vs 3 powerplay for 3 min run time for minor infractions (at referee's discretion).  Two men down will result in 5 v 3 powerplay.  Minor penalties will be 3 min run time.  Major penalties will result in the offending player/team remaining short handed for the full 7 min duration, run time.
  7. No offsides or icing will be called.
  8. No fighting.  We are all 3 years older since the last PHL season.  You will be suspended and look like a phud for being suspended when you know 98% of the other players.


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