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27.03.2019 23:26 : Christopher Camarena

How do i get added to a team? Do i have to make my own team?
05.02.2019 23:44 : Chris carlile

Any team looking for a player HMU
31.01.2019 0:49 : Marcus

If there is a way to submit a team into the league at this point please inform me.
13.01.2019 9:21 : Gabbybx163rd

21.02.2018 23:34 : Tahjieek

How do I get into the league?
06.02.2018 0:15 : Barlinton Lokeijak

Can i get my team in the league?
02.03.2017 16:30 : Mike Joseph

We are looking to join the league. Is that possible
28.02.2017 2:20 : Pbo da king

Can a team still join the league?
12.04.2016 12:56 :

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